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Humility is AWESOME! (It ain't humble pie)

If we've grown up in church, when we hear words like HUMILITY and PRIDE our brain usually begins to check out and move on.

But understanding God's definition of HUMILITY is tremendously ENCOURAGING!

Picture this:

We have a decision to make, or we need help. We turn to God and invite Him into our process. We ask Him to walk alongside, to be our Daddy, our Father—we ask Him for His wisdom, His advice, His strength. He comes, He helps us. He becomes our solution, and our situation turns out better than we could've imagined. Even difficult situations take on the life of His interventions.

THAT, my friends, is biblical HUMILITY!


Humility is doing life TOGETHER with GOD.

The key is knowing God absolutely delights in helping us, in giving us sound and loving advice and direction for our life. He's EAGER to be there for us. HUMILITY invites His leadership and wisdom to lead us and help us in any and every situation. Humility TURNS TO GOD for our needs.

Now picture this:

We have a decision to make, or we need help. But instead of asking God for help we act on our own strength. We react out of fear or doubt that God wants to be there for us, and we don't take the time or effort to invite Him to help us in our need. Or, we think we're too messy (too angry, too filled with self-disgust, too negative), so we decide God would be horrified to be with us—and we don't ask.

Surprisingly, that is biblical PRIDE.

Pride trusts in its own power and resources. It's INDEPENDENT of God as our Father.

Pride is the opposite of inviting God to come and help us, inviting Him to speak into our situations and into our needs.

Pride is outside of doing life with God.

James 4:7,8 says,

"Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. 8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."

Submit, ie/ yield, to God.

Draw near to God. Invite Him to come close, to be with us.

These are our weapons to resist the devil.

And then there's this seemingly nicely painted religious thing called "FALSE HUMILITY" which is none other than PRIDE. Honestly, I'm still breaking free of this one. It's a tough one to recognize and it takes time to walk out of, and into new Kingdom habits.

False Humility is putting ourselves down— of believing the lie that we have no right to speak, act, or walk in our God-given position as an heir of the Father and co-heir with Jesus the Lord.

But just like PRIDE, false humility is outside of doing life with God, because we have judged ourselves to be unworthy of hanging out with Him—because we have denied being who He says we are! False humility is separating ourselves from who we are in Christ, seated in the heavenlies (Colossians 3:1-3), because we've disqualified ourselves.

Invite Him into everything. God wants to walk through life in relationship with us. That's why He sent Jesus, so we could be forever in His family, forever have access to run to Him, and to be His friends and children.

So, go be HUMBLE, and enjoy it!


This post is the author's understanding and opinion. It is not intended to counsel in any way. Please talk to a Christian counselor, pastoral leader, or another wise saint if you desire counseling.

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