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Beauty . . . or . . . the Beast Comes Out

Had a great discussion with a close friend last night about the VALUE OF BEAUTY. Over the years I’ve learned something about myself: I NEED BEAUTY around my home. I don’t have to live in a large home, or an expensive home, but I DO NEED BEAUTY. A LACK of BEAUTY in my living space can cause me to feel a LACK of PEACE. Beauty actually LIGHTENS my HEART. An ugly/dingy/dilapidated living space has the opposite effect on me: it makes me feel uptight, heavy-hearted, and chaotic.

Two Scriptures come to mind. That David’s passion was to GAZE at GOD’S BEAUTY (Ps. 27:4). The biblical descriptions of God’s presence speak of the EMERALD RAINBOW around the throne, the SEA OF GLASS in front of it, the FOUR LIVING CREATURES, the SEVEN BLAZING TORCHES of THE HOLY SPIRIT, GOLD BOWLS of saints’ prayers, etc.! The THRONE AREA of heaven must be incredibly beautiful!

Western mindsets put beauty into a female category. But I think GOD’S BEAUTY IS HIS GLORY, the glory that surrounds Him and causes the angels to cry “Holy, holy holy!” I think it’s the absolute brilliance that radiates out from His being.

The other Scripture on beauty is one JESUS QUOTES about one purpose of His ministry - He has come to give a GARLAND (or crown) OF BEAUTY to replace the ashes of those who mourn. (Isaiah 61:3). That’s just like God, to care so much about the grieving, sad, mournful ones, that He includes a PROMISE of BEAUTY for them, as a valuable part of His earthly ministry.

GOD CARES about BEAUTY: about ART, DANCE, SONG, and about all the other expressions of beauty.

HEAVEN doesn’t have chaos. It’s not dingy. Or dilapidated. Or ugly. Or “functional.”

HEAVEN IS BEAUTIFUL. The Holy Spirit’s presence is full of amazing aromas. I once smelled the most incredible fragrance when He was close. His Spirit is endlessly CREATIVE, and always BEAUTIFUL.

We need to VALUE BEAUTY as a gift from heaven, given to gladden our hearts and draw our focus toward the Kingdom of God. Because we’re seated in heaven, at the right hand of the Father, alongside Jesus. Where it’s only beautiful.

Beauty-bringers and BEAUTY-RELEASERS are anointed by God to give away joy, hope, love, passion, delight, dreams, life, healing, blessing. What could be more honorable, than to change a person’s sadness, or hopelessness, or darkness, by OFFERING them BEAUTY of heaven in whatever form the Holy Spirit is highlighting at the moment?

“So, brothers and sisters—whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

Have a beauty-filled day, and be happy (rejoice)!

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