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A Story of Hope and Triumph

an audible voice from heaven;
freedom from addictions;
supernatual provision;

By the time Rick graduates from high school he's known as the town drunk. Lost in the perils of alcoholism, he experiences a heart attack and dies...only to be sent back to Earth by a heavenly being.

For twenty-five years Teresa lives with an unfaithful husband. The religious sect she is part of tells her she will go to hell if she leaves him. Her desperation leads to drugs and drinking, until God intervenes.

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In From Addiction To Adoption, Rick and Teresa McKinney share openly about their personal journeys from powerlessness and failure to wholeness and living a supernatural adventure with God as their Father. Theirs is a story of God’s faithfulness, as he meets them in their need, lovingly walks with them as they grow, and then fulfills their dreams of a ministry ranch for others trapped by alcohol and drugs. In the process, they experience a boatload of miracles, healings, and divine interventions!

Need Encouragement? Read this book.

Rick and Teresa McKinney's lives speak a loud and clear word of hope and encouragement that everyone can relate to. They transparently open their hearts and take you on a journey into the heart of God. As they share their powerful and amazing testimonies, you will be astonished at what the Lord has done. Receive impartation on how to enter your destiny and live and overcoming lifestyle.                      

— Ché Ahn

Senior Pastor, HRock Church, Pasadena, CA;

President, Harvest International Ministry;

Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute



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