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SHORT Stories

CUPPA' COFFEE THANKS make more uplifting
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Tyler likes adventure. When his dad gets angry at him, he decides to run away on a raft, and gets a lot more adventure
than he anticipated!
And suddenly home doesn’t seem like such
a bad place after all.

Olivia stops into a used bookstore hoping to find information about one of her favorite classic authors. Instead, she finds a mean old curmudgeon who needs her help in more ways than she could’ve imagined.

A mafia rat. A trafficker. Mean food workers. Is there anybody in this world who’s REAL? That’s the question on the mind of one dumpster diver whose sole focus is to find food to satisfy his hungry stomach.

Two high school bullies meet their match one morning in the park. Surprised by the actions of the Bully Tamer, the bullies are even more surprised
by his words!

For years, Mr. Same has lived by his routine. One night an angry storm sets into motion a series of events that interfere with his schedule and land him in the middle of unexpected circumstances that he finds disturbing—in a most interesting way!

The Music Box epub.png

Mia is positive her older sister is Dad’s favorite. When a gift reveals the painful reality of her circumstances, she also discovers things about herself she didn’t know were true.

Jason’s meeting with a guidance counselor turns weird when the strange man asks him embarrassing questions about his athletic abilities and challenges him to think about where
he's headed.

Dillon and Jessica are certain they’re being followed, so they decide to hide inside a manhole. Hoping they’re not climbing down into a pit of snakes or bubonic rats, they discover something much more unexpected: the hope of escape!

David wonders why on earth he decided to let a strange girl enter his house to bother his sick mom with crazy notions about angels and healing. And why are all those peach pits showing up in the house?

Ava and her neighbor, old Mr. Wendell, both love gardening. When a childhood trauma revisits her life, her connection with Mr. Wendell helps Ava face her weaknesses, her past, and her boss!

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SHORT Story Collection

Into The Middle w o shadow.png
Into The Middle
Includes these stories:
  • Get-Away Raft

  • Curmudgeon

  • The Dumpster Behind Wong's Wok

  • Bully Tamer

  • Mr. Same

  • The Music Box

  • The Guidance Counselor

  • The Secret Water Room

  • Peach Pits And Angels

  • Mr. Wendell's Jesus

An ePUB compilation of all the stories listed above
only $4.99!


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