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Supernatural Fiction

"There he was, bringing up that invisible world again. Shin glanced over at him. He looked pleased, as if he’d just shared the greatest secret of the universe. And that’s when a wild, upside down idea marched straight into her head, as meaningful to her as the old man’s universe secret was to him: What if all these people are NORMAL? What if my life is weird and I’m the abnormal one?"


—Excerpt from The Other Side Of Visible

Old man Oscar insists there’s a family in the realm of OtherSide that will take in homeless Shin McConnell and her only street friend Dibs Colby.


They’re convinced he’s out of his mind.


That is, until a narrow escape from the police catapults Shin headlong into invisible worlds. There she finds enemies who are out to make her life miserable, devoted Watchers who attend her twenty-four hours a day, and just as Oscar promised—a family!


But when an unexpected encounter in that realm threatens to destroy her trust, Shin is forced to choose between facing the pain of her past or rejecting her place in the only real family she’s ever known.



If you've come to this page because you've read The Other Side Of Visible in paperback form, you may be looking for the "SHARING TOOLKIT" mentioned in the Amber's Hope pages at the back of the book.


For now, we've decided to do things a bit differently, so in lieu of a sharing toolkit we've included a share button for Facebook.


For bloggers and other social media platforms, thanks for your patience as we create a way for you to share!



...The Other Side Of Visible is a fresh blend of a Frank Peretti novel and

The Shack. It does a great job of revealing the invisible realities around us...”


—Dawna De Silva, Founder, and Co-leader of Bethel Sozo International;

Author, Atmospheres 101; Shifting Atmospheres Lecturer


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